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Liam was involved with:

Screenshot from The Purple Fiend

The Purple Fiend

Get the special edition, including cast & crew commentary and a 30 minute documentary!

Screenshot from Breakfast At Googy's

Breakfast At Googy's

The precurser to Carl's mini epic THE PURPLE FIEND. Made for TRIDENTFEST 3.

Screenshot from THE PURPLE FIEND (teaser)


A sneaky look at Carl's next film THE PURPLE FIEND, an epic action adventure romp spanning the globe. There's twenty minutes left of the year, but will there even be a new one to celebrate?

Screenshot from Helping Hand

Helping Hand

The epic music is from film called City of the Dead or Horror Hotel, depending on where you live. It's in the public domain under the creative commons licence and you can stream or download it here;

Screenshot from The Stranger

The Stranger

Our hero is stalked by a man of lesser class. Another film conceived and filmed in a day! No apologies for the quality of the sound. The music is from a brilliantly terrible 60s movie called "Bloody Pit Of Horror" or "Il Boia Scarlatto" which you can stream from here: