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Ned was involved with:

Screenshot from The Purple Fiend

The Purple Fiend

Get the special edition, including cast & crew commentary and a 30 minute documentary!

Screenshot from BUCCANEARLY!


Eye-patches, treasure maps, cutlasses, and enough pieces-of-eight to keep everyone in icecream for years! It's just your usual family day at the beach.

Screenshot from Rodger


Thugs, Clowns and a Hotdog....

Screenshot from Tellison - Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart

Tellison - Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart Massive thanks to everyone involved! Especially Ned's Mum and Dad and Lynn at County Drama Wardrobe for coming in on her day off!

Screenshot from Pussyfoot



La Friase d'Or 2012 Best Overall Film (Audience award) Best Local Film (Audience Award) Best Local Film (Jury Award)

Screenshot from Recycling Shelf (Put or Take)

Recycling Shelf (Put or Take)

On a certain road (which I can never remember the name of) in Cambridge, there is this shelf built into a fence, beside a house. It is the Recycling Shelf. The idea is that anyone can put any unwanted goods there for other people to take for free! This film is a collection of photos taken throughout 2010, depicting a collection of some of the stuff that has appeared on the shelf. Shot on a Canon IXUS 75 stills camera (that is now broken) and cut by myself (Ryd Cook).

Screenshot from While Stocks Last

While Stocks Last

This is Tom Martin's last minute zombie movie for Tridentfest 3. Conceived, shot and cut in 3 weeks.

Screenshot from THE PURPLE FIEND (teaser)


A sneaky look at Carl's next film THE PURPLE FIEND, an epic action adventure romp spanning the globe. There's twenty minutes left of the year, but will there even be a new one to celebrate?

Screenshot from Waiting


Waiting... is a visualised poem about one man's frustration with waiting for buses. Shot in a day. Zero pound budget! Directed by Ryd Cook Starring Thom Dobbin Music By Ned Wilson Eames

Screenshot from Gypsy Tears

Gypsy Tears

Directed, edited and 'acted' by Greg Hilson, Devorah Hall and Ned Wilson Eames for Tridentfest 2. This was filmed in about an hour using my tiny little canon stills camera and a state-of-the-art blu-tac tripod to attach it to the dashboard of Greg's car. The first Tridentfest film to have subtitles; instant arthouse credibility. Enjoy! x

Screenshot from Ding!


A cyclist arrogantly rings her bell... Short film made for Trident Fest 2. Devised, cast, shot and edited in the space of a month.

Screenshot from Casual Friday (Mr Silverface 2)

Casual Friday (Mr Silverface 2)

An office guy is mercilessly chased down by Mr Silverface. But why? WHY?! Oh, no reason really.