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Screenshot from HOT HEAD SHOW - PAYLOAD


This right here is a music video Simon Panrucker directed for the song PAYLOAD by HOT HEAD SHOW. HOT HEAD SHOW are about to go on tour with Primus, and are a great band for you to enjoy. Director, Editor, Zebra - Simon Panrucker Director of Photography - Andrzej Sosnowski Game Keeper - Sammy Patterson Lion - Tom Mooring Illustrations - Carl Peck With thanks to Ian Pons Jewell, Gaia Borretti, Jamie Fraser, Debs Reeks, Andy Jenkin, Maria Diaz Montoya.

Screenshot from The Time I Poo'd Myself

The Time I Poo'd Myself

Made for Tridentfest London Also my first video with Tom for donkey's years! We live together again now, so expect a whole lot more...